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Dear partners:

We are honored to express our sincere thanks to you, and we invite you to participate in our activities and to share our happiness. HKMPS unique art music and cultural events are not to be missed!

HKMPS event will bring together the industry elite, business leaders, artists and music lovers from all walks of life. Our event is a world-class high-end art and cultural event. We are looking for a big dream, and is willing to go forward with us to create a great cause, planning cooperation opportunities to create business all in one. We see one world, and expect to be able to confluence with the same values and spiritual, high sense of responsibility, being involved attentively in devotion, rich in resources, have ambitious dream business leaders to create miracles.

Thank you again for your support and trust, and look forward to our mutual win-win cooperation and common development. For details, please refer to the sponsorship form for charitable donations and sponsorship. We would be grateful if you would favourably consider becoming our patron.

Hong Kong Music and Performing School