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Welcome to the Hong Kong Music and Performing School, one of the most comprehensive and acclaimed institutions for the study of music.

HKMPS is viewed as the world-class music and performing arts academic institution and cultural destination. No wonder, then, that music and performing arts school of China is the innovator of the history of China’s music education system in the 21st century. HKMPS performing artists and music professors are the innovators of history, dream creators, full of enthusiasm, wisdom and inspiration, have a strong artistic personality, with a strong natural miracle creativity, expression of a true contemporary aesthetic. We believe that classical music makes our hearts richer: it touches souls and moves people in positive ways. Its value and its history throughout the world simply cannot be measured. We strongly feel that every individual should have access to this wonderful heritage and the possibility to meet classical music at some times in their lives. Classical music is also a universal language, one that goes beyond barriers. It’s a great channel for uniting all people and for creating world peace.

Full implementation of HKMPS science teaching method. In addition to the academic and musical aspects, students need to learn basic human wisdom to meet future challenges. We believe that people’s ability to learn is inborn rather than taught out, education should be to cater to human learning model rather than human to meet the educational model. The HKMPS science teaching method is student-centered, it aims at fostering students’ self-motivated learning and exploring spirit. We lead the students according to the natural law of human development. Practice and strengthen their natural ability to learn spontaneously. Our teaching team provides students with basic learning skills, teaching and appreciation of the music arts concentrate on the competence criteria is secured by interpretation and creation, science and research, intermediation and participation. Lecturers and students work closely together in one-to-one or group classes, teams and ensembles applying the principles of active participation, joint responsibility and codetermination.

Art music is not particularly noble, classical music artists are not particularly lofty, but every artist has a unique personality, and not drift with the current and following others blindly, their thoughts are not average people can understand. But the top-class art music education always teach us to stand on the honest side of justice, in this way, we can humble and autocriticism in front of music, unreservedly dedicated to their own. As an international leader for studies in music and performing arts, which was the highest aim is to become one of the world’s top performing arts schools and leading music and art institutes for development studies. Our mission is to cultivate outstanding contemporary classical music artists, also for the future of the music market, high-end performance, education and creative talent. Music is an important part of our lives and has been an important part of every civilization known to human, able to unlock element all truths or principles. Let HKMPS essence of music and art has continued to shine.

2017 is the year of the powerful Rooster – the New Year of the Rooster is going to bring fresh challenges. Personality is believed to affect one’s destiny, the one that has beautiful, kind-hearted, hard-working, courageous, independent, humorous and honest. This year, you’ll want to look our best and be clear on our intentions concerning love and peace, stick to practical and well-proven paths to ensure success and good health. I promise that through the work of HKMPS I can share my good fortune and happiness with you all.

Founding Dean 
The Hong Kong Music and Performing School

January 2017