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The Hong Kong Music and Performing School is not just a world-class music and performing arts academic institution, it is also a rich aristocratic spirit music art institute and cultural destination. The Hong Kong Music and Performing School is a non-profit charitable organization, was founded by AU-YEUNG Wing Kam in 2008. AU-YEUNG spent six years building the Hong Kong Music and Performing School into a world-class international performing arts institution and the orthodox classical music education institution with the highest flow of spiritual wealth. The school founding artists composed by French pianist Vincent Larderet, Chinese cellist Chu Yibing, German violinist Nicolas Koeckert and Italian conductor Giuseppe Cataldo, four distinguished world-class international performing artists and music authoritative professors. Our goal is to become one of the world’s top performing arts schools and leading music and art institute for development studies.


The Hong Kong Music and Performing School is a world-class music and performing arts academic institution and cultural destination. HKMPS provides the highest level diversified musical training for the exceptionally gifted young music artists, offer an opportunity to study with world renowned artists and high culture art music teachers. HKMPS educates and trains young music artists to engage a local and global community through the world class of artistry.

Alongside our Professional Diplomas, the courses of study at the HKMPS offer amateur music artists the opportunity to be privately instructed by professionals for their own personal enjoyment. We also prepare all musical enthusiasts of all ages for professional courses of study.


The Hong Kong Music and Performing School gathers young musicians and performing artists from global giving them the opportunity to artistic development in a high end and innovative atmosphere. On the basis of the rich HKMPS music and art tradition culture, students, performing artists, music professors and management collectively establish access to music and performing arts. Teaching and appreciation of the music arts concentrate on the competence criteria is secured by interpretation and creation, science and research, intermediation and participation. We also cultivate students ‘moral character, culture, values and individuality as part of their self-concept, to develop students’ spirit of self-improvement, scientific creativity and self-learning ability in the environment of respect and to cares for others, to become with the worldview of the 21st century high-end talent and cultural creators.

The Hong Kong Music and Performing School is a non-partisan, apolitical and inspired by the principles of solidarity, ecology and nonviolence institute for music and performing arts, understanding itself as an essential part of the educational and cultural. HKMPS is a bright start for a young musicians and performing artists, provides opportunity to express themselves in the most demanding classical music circles, to share moments of artistic and musical life, to realize the common ideal of making music together, and to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, a stateless world has been long pursued in people’s dreams. The young musicians and performing artists will be able to find their ways in arts and realize their potential and to achieve success and recognition.



In tranditional Chinese culture, the rabbit is known as the Rui Rabbit and Jade Rabbit. The white rabbit is a symbol of peace and tranquillity, and the black rabbit is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity, which symbolizes that the land of China is becoming more and more peaceful, full of business and vitality. In the Lunar Year of the Rabbit, we must anchor our goals and tasks, strengthen our confidence and determination, leap forward and run fast in the new era and new world like a rabbit, jump to a higher and newer level, and achieve a good start to the new journey. HKMPS is the spirit beast of the world of eastern classical music, has a reputation for being an indomitable, strong explosive force, good at exploration and innovation, more established the spiritual wealth flow of the highest orthodox classical music education institutions and cultural destination status. The pioneer artistic personality has already conquered the western world classical music authoritative professor, become dragon and phoenix in the innovative culture of eastern classical music world, eventually by a victor’s posture based on the hometown and mother country. The lone wolf craves out its own high path, the horizon and ambition of HKMPS has been stretched out by grievances, the net of Heaven has large meshes, but it lets nothing through, those who did evil would be published by justice eventually. Things that don’t belong to you will have to be returned one day. Tai Hang tiger-leopard never can prevail flying Azura Dragon in the sky, the black rabbit that meets once in a thousand years in an unusual year, it is the best time for Azura Dragon to defeat the tiger-leopard, slay demons and eliminate demons to make a comeback and continue to write a new chapter In the new era.

A decade of silence, once sheathed, shocks the gods. Even though fallen into bottomless, can also turn the tables, control world.

January 2023