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The National Sinology Spring Festival Gala is called “guoxuechunwan” for short, the China’s most authoritative Sinology Spring Festival Gala presented by the Youth Sinology Education Base of the CHINA Against Corruption Law Association. It is the annual grand festival of the national Chinese Sinology educational circles, and the vane for the inheritance and development of Sinology Education. The 3rd Sinology Spring Festival Gala – “DANCING THROUGHOUT CHINA” will continue to uphold the advantages of the previous two Spring Festival Galas of Sinology, with the aid of more updated high-technology means, to deeply penetrate the excellent traditional Chinese culture into the hearts of young people.


• 3rd Sinology Spring Festival Gala 2019

The 3rd Sinology Spring Festival Gala will cooperate with the China Education Television CETV-1 and broadcast at 8pm on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year February 5, 2019.

• Youth Sinology Education Base of CHINA Against Corruption Law Association
• China Education Television CETV-1

• Youth Sinology Education Base
• CHINA Against Corruption Law Association, CACLA
• China Cares for the Next Generation Working Committee
• University of International Business and Economics

Hong Kong Division Selection Office
• Hong Kong Music and Performing School

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