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Charitable Donations and Sponsorship

Classical music is often regarded as a luxury. Rather, we firmly believe that art of musical culture makes our hearts meet wealthy, touch truly our souls and moving people have positive values; it is an element that is essential to the development of the individual. Frequenting musical performances enriches us in ways that go beyond the duration and scope of a concert, and it is important that every one of us have access to this heritage.

To carry out its activities, the Hong Kong Music and Performing School needs the financial support of individuals and businesses that are also committed to sharing the experience of music.

The Hong Kong Music and Performing School (HKMPS) is seeking to develop long-term partnerships with businesses. In exchange for significant visibility opportunities, you will contribute to ensuring the prolonging of the Hong Kong most prominent classical music and cultural events and education for our next generation. Sponsorship from the corporate sector contributes enormously to the HKMPS’s activities and is an effective way for companies to demonstrate commitment to the local community by supporting the arts. Whether a company’s sponsorship objectives are to raise brand awareness, entertain clients, offer staff benefits, or achieve social responsibility goals, HKMPS offers several ways of working together.


Sponsor a music event, a concert or a series of concerts and receive benefits on a sliding scale according to the level of sponsorship. Other sponsorships could be in the area of education, Scholarship and Financial Aid, supporting a tour, a musician’s chair and many other options – let us to discuss new ideas!

Benefits depend on the level of support and type of sponsorship but may include:

• Corporate branding on publicity material
• Branding opportunities at venue
• Ticketing benefits
• Hospitality opportunities
• Advertising benefits
• Other tailor-made initiatives that we are pleased to develop with a sponsor
Acknowledgement in concert house programmes & website for one year as a Major Sponsor

Corporate support does not have to be tied to one particular concert or product. Become a corporate member and enjoy year-round client hospitality opportunities or employee benefits.

Three membership tiers – Baroque, Classical and Romantic, each provide different levels of benefits, among which include:

• Ticketing benefits to a range of concerts over the year
• Various hospitality and entertainment opportunities
• Acknowledgement in concert house programmes and on website as a Baroque/ Classical /Romantic Member

To carry out its activities, the Hong Kong Music and Performing School needs the financial support of individuals and businesses that are also committed to sharing the experience of music.

HKMPS is a non-profit organization whose highest aim to be a professional education institution in music and arts. Improve the quality of teaching of the arts and music, to training music artists and music arts professionals, Enhance Hong Kong’s musical art exam level international and develop lifelong musical art achievements. Also supports the essential art of music for both aspiring professional musicians as well as nonprofessional’s musicians.

As HKMPS is a registered charity, any donation of HKD100 or more is a tax deductible with receipt. Your tax-deductible financial support* enables HKMPS to maintain its competitions, concert promotions, and other music-related workshops and lectures. These world-class musical activities help to bridge our differences and unite people of all cultures and backgrounds. HKMPS is grateful for your support.

If you want to invest in musical culture, to provide high-quality music education programs or donate to our School Building Scheme, nurturing the next generation of music artists and help people fall in love with classical music. Classical music could make them become a real human being. You can do so by joining the ranks of other HKMPS donors. Every contribution is important.

*HKMPS will mail you a letter of confirmation regarding your donations for tax purposes. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by Hong Kong law.

HK$500 to HK$999
HK$1,000 to HK$9,999
HK$10,000 to HK$29,999
GOLD Donor
HK$30,000 to HK$99,999
HK$100,000 to HK$499,999
TITLE Patron
HK$500,000 and above

Donate to our Student Scholarship and Financial Aid Scheme and help talented students have a high-quality music education opportunity.

OPAL Donor
HK$1,000 to HK$9,999
HK$10,000 to HK$29,999
RUBY Donor
HK$30,000 to HK$49,999
JADE Donor
HK$50,000 to HK$99,999
HK$100,000 to HK$499,999
HK$500,000 and above

Looking for a cost-effective tool to reach a wide spectrum of affluent, discerning, cultural consumers? Advertising in Hong Kong Music and Performing School (HKMPS) music event or our Artist Concert Series programs is a good way to promote products and services and show your commitment to the local community by supporting the arts through these advertising opportunities. This is a good vehicle for your company to increase brand awareness and to deliver your key messages to our discerning audience, which is made up of professionals and high-income individuals.

Advertising in our Artist Concert Series programs can have far-reaching effect on our regular concert-goers.

Our purpose of each season the HKMPS presents more than 20 concerts, for which, over 500,000 copies of complimentary house programs will be printed and offered to our audience.

• Displayed all year round at cultural venues, schools and music stores across Hong Kong and sent to HKS’s database of individuals and organizations.
• Giving bi-lingual in-depth information about concert artists and music; distributed free to every audience member at every concert.
• Advertisements can be placed in different ways:
   – Single advertisement or
   – Selected series of concerts or
   – In every concert house program during the season.
• Discounts are available for advance multiple bookings in a season.

Official receipts will be issued for a donation of HK$100 or above for tax exemption purpose.

For further enquiries, please contact us at:
Email: fundraising@hkmusicperforming.com 
Phone: (852) 93802869
WeChat ID: HKMPS_WeChat



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